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21 Lies You Tell On A First Date

Save the truth for date 11.

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3. "You love [insert ridiculous hobby here]? How weird, me too!"

Why you say it: You don't want to admit that you online stalked them thoroughly before the date, and already know that they dig video games. And now you do too.

4. "My parents and I are really close."

Why you say it: A first date isn't the time to bring up all of the minute details of the family dynamic. Like how you love your dad, but he loves reruns of Battlestar Galactica more... OR WHATEVER.


20. "Let's go out again sometime."

Why you say it: The date has gone horribly wrong, but you're worried the person you're with might be a psycho. So, you say this to make them happy, then immediately change your number.

21. "This was seriously, like, the best date ever!"

Why you say it: It probably wasn't the best date ever, but you REALLY like this person and want to tell them that without blurting out, "LOVE ME!!!"

On a serious note, though...LOVE ME!!! (???)