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19 Things All Chronically Uncool People Know To Be True

You're so uncool that it's ACTUALLY cool. Right? No? OK.

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1. Things that everyone knows to be cool somehow skipped you, and you've literally never heard of them.


I'm not even sure the words you're using are English, tbh.

2. There ARE things that you know to be cool, and when other people challenge that, it's OVER.

Oh, I'm sorry, is D&D too REAL for you?!

3. When you get nervous, you tend to show it by humiliating yourself.


4. Your style veers more toward comfort rather than trendy.

5. But there's always that amazing moment when someone compliments your style and for a minute you actually DO feel cool.

"Oh, what, this old thing?" Is that uncool to say?

6. You're comfortable saying no to a lot of "cool" social events, because they'd actually make you miserable.

Oh, there's a hot new club opening? Nope, I'll be home watching X-Files reruns in my Snuggie.

7. In situations where you have to interact with people, your default reactions basically spoil the fact that you're not cool.


8. Not everyone "gets" your unique sense of humor.

NBC / Via

I do, though. #uncoolkidsunite

9. No one ever says that their "type" is the uncool person...

Columbia Pictures

10. But you also know that somewhere out there is another uncool person just waiting for you.

:::cue theme song for An American Tail::: (If you get this reference, let's be uncool together?)

11. You often have a problem figuring out EXACTLY how to say the right thing.


Why don't people like me again?

12. People who are presumed to be "cool" don't actually seem all that cool to you. / Via

They kinda seem like cliquey asses, in general.

13. You're totally fine being uncool, because it means your friends are just as uncool as you.

Apatow Productions

And that's fucking awesome.

14. You often think to yourself, "Hey, uh, maybe being uncool is the REALLY cool thing to do?"

15. Though you've pissed a lot of friends off because you tend to correct people when they're wrong.

College Humor

SO. NOT. COOL. Oh well.

16. Flirting is a problem, in general.

17. When you don't know someone, trying to connect with them often leads to some awkward moments.

FOX / Via

18. In the past, you've spent a lot of time trying unsuccessfully to convince other people that YOU ARE TOTALLY COOL. / Via Capella International

19. But you've accepted your uncool status, because that's who you are.

Columbia Pictures / Via

And being uncool is all you want to be, really.

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