18 Reasons Why Jessica Chastain Is Cooler Than You

    Just try not to fall in love with her. We double dog dare you.

    1. Sometimes people just give her statues!

    2. And when they do, she dances like this.

    3. She looks good, even when she's the only one not wearing camo.

    4. This yearbook photo is how she got discovered*!

    5. She's dating Brad Pitt AND Sean Penn.

    6. Just kidding, she's dating Loki from "The Avengers."

    7. This is her three-legged dog.

    His name is Chaplin. They like long walks on the beach.

    8. Her credits include "Madagascar 3."

    9. She has really big hair. It's filled with secrets!

    10. She fights crime in her Louboutins.

    11. Her celebrity crush is Sirius Black.

    12. Her clothes inexplicably fall off just so we can know what heaven is like.

    13. She's a ginger.

    14. Sometimes she's blonde, though.

    15. She really likes old people.

    16. Anna Wintour wants to sleep with her.

    17. So does Amanda Seyfried.

    18. The Olsen twins just like to hold each other and stand next to her.