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18 Female Friendship Truths, As Told By "Bridesmaids"

A girls' night isn't just wine and venting, it's a religious experience.

1. A girls' night is like a religious experience, but deeper.

2. If your friend hates someone, you will automatically hate them too — and not know exactly why.

3. When you see your best friend laughing at an inside joke with someone else, you die a little.

4. Sometimes all you have to do is give your friend a look, and they'll know EXACTLY how you feel.

5. You can say legitimately insane things to your friends and they won't judge you.

6. You can also do legit insane things, like poop in a sink, and they still won't judge you.

7. When something awful happens and you need to get drunk, your girlfriends will totally support that.

8. We all have secret desires, and a lady friend will relate to and understand ANY of those.

9. When you're having an emotional breakdown and your friend is nowhere to be found, you WILL go insane.

10. When you need an ego boost, they'll pour you wine and tell you you're pretty.

11. Your ladies won't judge you for your obsessions, no matter how weird.

12. When you're going through relationship drama, your friends will hear the absolute worst parts of it.

13. And if your friend doesn't like who you're dating, you'll lie to them about it.

14. If any weird sex stuff happens, your BFF will know immediately.

15. If you ask, they'll be brutally honest about where you are in life.

16. If you're friends with someone for long enough, you start to cop each other's style.

17. When your life is spiraling out of control, they won't hesitate to dive in and yank you out of it.

18. And best of all is that your lady friends will support you instead of trying to "fix" you.