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17 Things You Can't Get Away With When You Have Big Boobs

More boob, more problems.

1. You can't go out of the house without wearing a bra that will strap you the fuck in.

2. And you can't run without feeling pain...in your boobs.

3. You can't wear graphic tees and actually expect people to be able to see them.

4. Or wear a button-down anything, really.

5. You can't wear bralettes without stepping into the DANGER ZONE, in general.

6. And you can't expect your boobs to actually behave themselves and stay put for once.

7. You can't shop for shirts without running into this fun problem:

8. And you can't go bra shopping outside of the neutral color zone.

9. You can't eat your own damn food without also feeding your ladies some.

10. And you can't show off any of your cleavage without distracting everyone around you.

11. You can't wear the same thing your small-chested friend is wearing and not have it look completely different.

12. You can't buy things with built-in bras, because LOL.

13. And you can't go sleeveless without showing off half of your bra.

14. You can't try on a dress and think it will always cover your tatas, because life is like this:

15. And you can't wear padding, because your boobs ARE the padding.

16. You can't workout with just one sports bra because, well...

17. And finally, it wouldn't be a #BigBoobLife without constant boob sweat.

Hey, at least they look great, right?