15 Moments When Cersei Lannister Didn't Give A F%&k

    When you play the Game of Thrones, you better throw all your effs out the window. Spoilers ahead!

    1. That time when Cersei tells Joffrey that they're the only people who matter.

    2. When Cersei basically tells Ned she'll cut a bee.

    3. When Cersei basically admits she hates her husband.

    4. When Cersei calls her King husband out for being a total loser.

    5. When Cersei confronts Ned, and basically tells him shit is about to go down.

    6. When Joffrey is a rude little bitch and his mom slaps the shit out of him.

    7. When Cersei nearly gets Lord Baelish killed just to prove a point.


    9. That time when Cersei kidnaps Tyrion's whore and beats her, just because she can.

    10. When the city's about to get sacked and Cersei celebrates by drinking loads.

    11. When Cersei gets wasted and tells Sansa to use her vagine for a good cause.

    12. When Cersei tells Lancel she doesn't give a fuck about what he thinks.

    13. When Cersei pays Tyrion a visit in his cell and let's him know who's in charge now.

    14. When Cersei broke the news to Tyrion that he'll be marrying Sansa.

    And she was like, "Bitch, I AM LOVING THIS."

    15. Oh, and pretty much anytime she makes a face like this, which is ALL THE TIME.