14 Reasons Why Robb Stark Will Be Perfect In "Cinderella"

The King of the North was just cast as Prince Charming in Cinderella, and it’s delicious.

The live action movie version of Cinderella officially cast a Prince Charming, and his name is Robb Stark, err…Richard Madden.

For those unfamiliar with Game of Thrones, you should go out and rent the past seasons immediately.

1. It’s a great casting choice, because his eyes are so blue that it’s like, “Missing glass slipper? Who cares, I’ll just skate away on your eyes, boo!”

2. Plus, Robb’s a legit prince on a white horse.

3. And he’s ready to rescue innocent women from evil ones—aka Cinderella’s evil stepmother!

4. He knows EXACTLY how to hold multiple puppies with ease, which I assume all good princes know how to do.

5. His hair is FLAWLESS.

6. And so is his aim—straight through your heart with love, girrr.

7. He’s mastered that whole, “I miss you so much that it hurts,” look.

8. And the, “I will find the woman who owns this glass shoe!!!” face.

9. He can always say this to the evil stepmother.

Or stepsisters, for that matter.


11. He looks handsome as hell in armor.

12. He’s a born leader, like a typical prince should be.

13. He can hold large objects with his STRONG ARMS.

14. And if this is how he looks kissing on TV, aren’t you excited to see that on an enormous MOVIE SCREEN?!


Yes, yes, I am sooo down for this Cinderella casting choice, you guys.

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