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14 Inspiring Photos That Will Make You Believe In Love

These couples are celebrating 50-plus years of marriage, and it will melt your heart.

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2. 50 years of marriage

Posted on Tumblr: "My mother had breast cancer. I remember the day she told us. She had a double mastectomy. I give my dad a lot of credit. She was worried how he would feel, about her as a women and a lover after the surgery. My dad's reply was, 'I love you for the woman you are in total. We will work through this together.' That was 20 years ago, today they are still in love, active and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary."


6. 53 years of marriage


On their 50th anniversary in 1997, Emil Zatopek and his wife Dana Zatopkova were photographed celebrating. Dana and Emil were both born on the same day, and both won Olympic gold medals in their respective disciplines on the same day in 1952. Emil passed away in 2000, just after their 53rd wedding anniversary.


11. 65 years of marriage

Roger Ostby visited his wife, Hannah, every day in a nursing home, including the day of their 64th wedding anniversary. Hannah, who was suffering from Alzheimer's, passed away this past January, just after their 65th anniversary. He said of her condition, "Well, I tell you, I think when something like this happens where they're vulnerable, it's even deeper — the love you have for each other."