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    10 Things We Learned From The New "Walking Dead" Teasers

    There are three revealing new teaser videos, and we have all the speculation you need for this Sunday.

    New episodes of The Walking Dead premiere this Sunday, but before you grab your hatchets and crossbows, let's take a look at some of the new teasers that AMC's released for our viewing pleasure.

    What we learned:

    1. The word "war" is being used, so a war has officially been declared. Even though Woodbury and the The Prison were already at war, essentially, but whatever.

    2. Rick and the governor have a lot to talk about. Like, how they manage to keep their hair looking decent in spite of the zombie apocalypse.

    3. The governor's pirate eye patch is oddly sexy.

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    What we learned:

    1. Rick and Lori's baby has turned a week old and doesn't look a day over zombie bait.

    2. Awkward pauses still do the job in terms of answering awkward questions.

    3. The prison is starting to look remarkably like a college dorm room.

    What we learned:

    1. Daryl and Merle are going to face off in some sort of hillbilly fight to the death à la Gladiator.

    2. Andrea is still a pretty useless human being.

    3. The people of Woodbury have an unhealthy amount of bloodlust.

    4. Daryl should never wear sleeves, because sweet sassy Christ those are some nice guns.

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