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Proof That James Corden Should Be Zayn Malik's Replacement In One Direction

*drops mic in British accent*

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Grace Helbig's new show on E! (aptly named "The Grace Helbig Show") recently featured late night television host James Corden and former N*SYNC member Lance Bass. They played a game called Boy Band-oke in which they were given the challenge to make up a boy band song based on a random title they were given.

Then a miscommunication led to the gem "Two Steps in My Heart" / Via

The title on the screen said "Two Step Into My Heart," Grace told him it was "Two Steps Into My Heart," and then Lance created "Two Steps in My Heart." You win some, you lose some.

View this video on YouTube / Via

As much as I love Lance, James KILLED IT. He's got the voice, the creativity, the moves, and even the accent to pull One Direction through this dark time. Please James, give the fans what they deserve.

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