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    The 27 Most Underrated Colleges In America

    These schools offer way more than ramen and parties.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most underrated colleges in America. Here's what they had to say (in no particular order):

    1. Rhodes College, Memphis

    "We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and an average class size of 14. We also have an honor code that means you can leave your laptop or phone unattended and professors leave the room during exams." —Submitted by Maddie Carwile, Facebook

    2. Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota

    3. James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia

    "We have school spirit, traditions, beautiful campus, secret tunnels and legends, and our parties are free! Also, it's named after James Madison, who was an integral participant in forming our government! AND we have Duke Dog, who could beat your mascot up." —Submitted by Nichole Maria, Facebook

    4. University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana

    5. Elon University, Elon, North Carolina

    "Elon's campus is truly perfection. Not only is it beautiful, but it is the type of campus where you step out of your dorm and immediately run into five people you know. But at the same time, you meet new people all the time." —Submitted by Samhita Tankala, Facebook

    6. Texas State University, San Marcos

    7. Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire

    8. Georgia State University, Atlanta

    "Come to Atlanta and see for yourself. It has one of the largest enrollments in the state and soon will have the largest campus in the state as well. Downtown Atlanta is the campus! We also boast one of the most diverse student bodies in the country, and our academics are nothing to shy away from either." —Submitted by denadar

    9. Tulane University, New Orleans

    10. California State University, Channel Islands, Camarillo

    "Small class sizes, opportunities to be really involved on campus, a new library, and it's in a beautiful area. The history of the location is interesting too, being a former state hospital." —Submitted by Onnie Busse, Facebook

    11. Drexel University, Philadelphia

    12. Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina

    "The faculty get to know and support students. They know them by name at reunions decades later. And you actually get to know your classmates and have a connection with them. The traditions are incredible as well. Converse is growing and is an incredible place for an education." —Submitted by Trevor Pittman, Facebook

    13. Hamilton College, Clinton, New York

    "With no common core and a wide offering of classes in the arts, humanities, and sciences, there's no better place to go to undergrad [school]. And they are committed to transgressive and subversive performance art. The campus and the students are gorgeous." —Submitted by Ashley Vanicek, Facebook

    14. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

    15. College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine

    "The professors are some of the most dedicated and accommodating people that I've met. The dorms are beautiful, spacious buildings, and there's a huge wealth of affordable off-campus housing as well. The food is amazing and organic — smoothies, quinoa, and personal pesto pizzas, yum!" —Submitted by Rachel Coro, Facebook

    16. The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

    17. St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Annapolis, Maryland

    "St. John's produces the kinds of creative and capable minds that are willing and able to continue to learn for the rest of their lives — adapting to and thriving in any situation." —Submitted by madelinelola

    18. Howard University, Washington, D.C.

    "Class sizes are great, in the heart of D.C. Beautiful during the wintertime. Students know how to have fun while remaining studious. A lot of people don't know/care about it since it's an HBCU. Wish it had more recognition." —Submitted by anon

    19. Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    "Every tree that is native to Michigan is located on campus. Also one of the first colleges in the U.S. to offer an undergraduate degree in sustainable business." —Submitted by jnnfrlnnklchk

    20. Missouri State University, West Plains

    "Hands down, without a doubt the best English department ever. I learned the mechanics of writing a really good essay, I learned how to cite sources and make structured arguments, and I reaffirmed my love of the English language." —Submitted by Chris Roll, Facebook

    21. University of Oregon, Eugene

    22. University of Iowa, Iowa City

    23. Loyola University Chicago

    "It's nestled by Lake Michigan and the view is just beautiful. The administration and professors are very dedicated and truly care about the success of their students. We also have access to a lot of Chicago's best events/food/art/music and we get to take advantage of the various opportunities the city offers." —Submitted by elizaaaa

    24. Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia

    "The small class sizes, middle-of-effing-nowhere location, and beautiful campus throw students into an environment I haven't seen replicated anywhere else. Bethany friendships last forever because of the high-quality time spent in that place. They're like your childhood friendships but as adults." —Submitted by flynnp

    25. Montana State University, Bozeman

    "It has a quaint little campus and an amazing engineering program — aside from being a beautiful little college town has great local restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries. Sure, it snows (A LOT), but when you're only an hour away from some of the best skiing in the nation, who can complain?" —Submitted by 4oh6cw

    26. University of Utah, Salt Lake City

    "One of the most amazing libraries, and we're about 30 minutes away from several of the best ski mountains in the country and surrounded by national parks. Crazy school spirit and a surprisingly fun party scene!" —Submitted by brittanyberrett

    27. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

    "It's big enough to have pretty much any major you want, but it is also very affordable. Of course, there is also our football team, the Huskers, and Memorial Stadium. The best thing, though, is the fact that there is a club dedicated to improving the treatment of the squirrels on campus! :-)" —Submitted by danakleinjan