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    15 Things Every Stoner Should Do In NYC

    "If you get too high, go to Times Square, it will miraculously disappear."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best places to go when you're high in NYC. Here’s what they had to say:

    1. S'Mac, East Village

    Flickr: llimaorosa

    Flickr: Llima Orosa / Creative Commons

    Flickr: mckln

    Flickr: David Woo / Creative Commons

    "It specializes in dozens of different flavors, ranging from cheeseburger to marsala. Head two blocks over to Tompkins Square Park and enjoy your delicious carb fest in a quiet, dreamy park." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

    2. Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side

    Flickr: 67253733@N02

    Flickr: EvanLBerent / Creative Commons

    Flickr: rufusowliebat

    Flickr: rufus / Creative Commons

    "It's is a small bar type of setting with live music ranging from body rocking jazz/rock, to the more dreamy, ethereal harp playing and indie guitar playing." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

    3. Smorgasburg, Brooklyn

    Flickr: adactio

    Flickr: Jeremy Keith / Creative Commons

    Flickr: dumbonyc

    Flickr: dumbonyc / Creative Commons

    Flickr: aamoosavi

    Flickr: bolbolaan / Creative Commons

    "It's basically a festival of food." —coriel43f4f8356

    4. Riverside Park, Upper West Side

    Flickr: wwward0

    Flickr: Billie Ward / Creative Commons

    Flickr: russellbernice

    Flickr: Russell Bernice / Creative Commons

    "It's the only place at night that you can be in the secluded trees alone." —alicek4d4b3c09b

    5. Chinatown

    Flickr: 61421052@N07

    Flickr: Madhu nair / Creative Commons

    Flickr: mesohungry

    Flickr: Jason Lam / Creative Commons

    "Chinatown! No one cares how out of it you look, there's amazing stuff everywhere, you can eat massive quantities of food for mere dollars, and social interactions are fast and intense...leaving no room for anxious rambling!" —marthas46904b0c8

    6. Apple Store, Midtown East

    Flickr: aguichard

    Flickr: Aurelien Guichard / Creative Commons

    Flickr: eriwst

    Flickr: Eric Wüstenhagen / Creative Commons

    "The Apple Store on 5th It's underground but you get there by taking a glass elevator through a glass building." —laurend478a45d30

    7. Roberta's, Bushwick

    Flickr: johnjoh

    Flickr: star5112 / Creative Commons

    Flickr: nickgray

    Flickr: Nick Gray / Creative Commons

    "Not only are you going to walk by the most colorful and delightfully weird street art on the way there, but the pizza is by far worth it. I'd go for the Lamb of God pizza, which combines lamb sausage with chilies, onions and mountains of cheese." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

    8. Times Square

    Flickr: neo_ii

    Flickr: Neo_II / Creative Commons

    Flickr: airlines470

    Flickr: ERIC SALARD / Creative Commons

    "If you get too high, go to Times Square, it will miraculously disappear." —Samer Hosn, Facebook

    9. Grand Central

    Flickr: neo_ii

    Flickr: Neo_II / Creative Commons

    Flickr: sfreimark

    Flickr: sfreimark / Creative Commons

    Flickr: nickgray

    Flickr: Nick Gray / Creative Commons

    "Grand Central Terminal...people watching, food, shopping, and...wait for it...the whispering corner." —Mis MeLina, Facebook

    10. Other Music, NoHo

    Flickr: dislokated

    Flickr: dislokated / Creative Commons

    "Every artist is underground and subversive. The scene is very chill and indie, and regardless of inebriation, you can spend a ton of time listing to the various tracks." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

    11. Central Park

    Flickr: city_of_dis

    Flickr: Marc-Anthony Macon / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 120674748@N03

    Flickr: Roberto Garcia / Creative Commons

    "If you're gonna be impaired, I'd shell out a few bucks and rent one of those horse drawn carriages and cycle around the park in style. If you're gonna walk, you should see the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and pay tribute to your twin in trippin'." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

    12. Atlantic ChipShop

    Flickr: skewgee

    Flickr: Matthew Hurst / Creative Commons

    "For the munchies, the ChipShop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn." —Sara Benjamin Takacs, Facebook

    13. Penn Station

    Flickr: flickr4jazz

    Flickr: Jazz Guy / Creative Commons

    Flickr: t_fern

    Flickr: Tiago / Creative Commons

    "PENN STATION. Dunkin donuts, krispy creme, sbarro, taco bell, cinnabon...I could be there for hours..." —jackieh4a6919d6d

    14. Coney Island

    Flickr: jdebortoli

    Flickr: tonydolor / Creative Commons

    Flickr: _cck_

    Flickr: Catherine / Creative Commons

    Flickr: seeminglee

    Flickr: See-ming Lee / Creative Commons

    "CONEY ISLAND?" —katiejs

    15. Seamless

    Flickr: roboppy

    Flickr: Robyn Lee / Creative Commons

    "You don't go anywhere. You stay home and order Seamless because there are a zillion options and there's simply too much risk leaving the house when you're high AF." —kelseyjones24

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