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15 Things Every Stoner Should Do In NYC

"If you get too high, go to Times Square, it will miraculously disappear."

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1. S'Mac, East Village

"It specializes in dozens of different flavors, ranging from cheeseburger to marsala. Head two blocks over to Tompkins Square Park and enjoy your delicious carb fest in a quiet, dreamy park." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

2. Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side

"It's is a small bar type of setting with live music ranging from body rocking jazz/rock, to the more dreamy, ethereal harp playing and indie guitar playing." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook


5. Chinatown

"Chinatown! No one cares how out of it you look, there's amazing stuff everywhere, you can eat massive quantities of food for mere dollars, and social interactions are fast and intense...leaving no room for anxious rambling!" —marthas46904b0c8


7. Roberta's, Bushwick

"Not only are you going to walk by the most colorful and delightfully weird street art on the way there, but the pizza is by far worth it. I'd go for the Lamb of God pizza, which combines lamb sausage with chilies, onions and mountains of cheese." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

10. Other Music, NoHo

"Every artist is underground and subversive. The scene is very chill and indie, and regardless of inebriation, you can spend a ton of time listing to the various tracks." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook


11. Central Park

"If you're gonna be impaired, I'd shell out a few bucks and rent one of those horse drawn carriages and cycle around the park in style. If you're gonna walk, you should see the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and pay tribute to your twin in trippin'." —Tanner Lewis, Facebook

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