15 Items Every Twentysomething Needs In Their Wardrobe

    Here's to adulting.

    1. A classic black blazer.

    A black blazer will take you from the office to the bar, no problem. Get this one for women for $29.90 and this one for men for $52.80.

    2. A watch.

    DO NOT pull out your iPhone to check the time at an interview. You want to tastefully make an impression when you enter that room. This metallic-band analog watch is $17.90. And this brown cuff-strap one is $27.

    3. A nice pair of jeans.

    Many offices are more than OK with jeans in the workplace these days. But, it's probably best to avoid faded and ripped versions. Skinny, dark washes are perfectly appropriate. Get these for women for $25.80 or these for men for $45.31.

    4. Decent workout clothes.

    It's time to toss those ratty T-shirts and cotton shorts you've had since high school. Upgrade to moisture-wicking material ASAP. Your body (and people working out around you) will thank you. Get this tank for $24.99 or the shorts for $28.

    5. A pair of dress shoes.

    So. Many. Events. To. Attend. Get the pumps here for $90 and the derby shoes here for $110.

    6. ~Grown-up~ underwear.

    Men. Throw away your boxers with holes in them AND the ones with The Simpsons on them. Please. Buy some new pairs here for $18.50. And ladies...a little lace never hurt anyone! Get the bralette here for $24.95.

    7. A weather-appropriate coat.

    It's important that you have a nice coat for occasions that happen, yah know, when it's cold. Get the pink one for women here for $74.50 or the toggle one for men here for $59.90.

    8. An LBD or LBS (little black suit).

    It's that easy go-to for when you inevitably catch yourself saying "I have nothing to wear to blank." Get the LBD here for $19.90 or the suit here for $299.99.

    9. A nice pair of sunglasses.

    Cheap shades are cute, but spending a little more will actually protect your eyes from the sun...which is the whole point, right? For every pair of Warby Parker frames sold, a pair is sent to someone in need. Get the Laurel frames for women here or the Neville frames for men here. Starting at $95.

    10. A crisp white button-down.

    Like a blazer, a classic white button-down is so versatile for the ~twentysomething~ years. For work, dinner with your parents, or a Tinder date...you can't go wrong. Get this one for men for $64.50. Or this one for women for $49.50.

    11. A leather bag.

    It'll cost you a bit upfront, but if you take care of it, it'll last forever. Get this one for $99.99 or this satchel for $72.49. Pleather and vegan options are great, too!

    12. Versatile gym shoes.

    Especially if you're located in a big city, you're doing a LOT of walking. Make things a little easier on yourself and get some cool sneakers that you can wear with everything. Get these for women for $64.99 or these for men for $89.99.

    13. A signature scarf.

    Whether you live in a warmer or cooler climate, there's a scarf you can throw on that'll set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Get the lightweight one here for $8.80 or the textured infinity one here for $23.

    14. A denim jacket.

    Denim jackets are to twentysomethings as leather jackets were to our parents. Get the blue one here for $27.90 or the black one here for $24.90.

    15. And if all else fails, a shirt that really speaks your mind.