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    23 Cheap And Easy Tricks Every Gardener Should Know

    Plant that cash back in your wallet.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Make your own garden markers using stones you found outside.


    All you need is a sharpie! Read more here.

    2. Or use plastic forks you have laying around.

    3. Soak your seeds in warm water 24 hours before sowing.

    4. Make your own self-cleaning & self-sharpening garden tool holder.

    One Good Thing by Jillee / Via

    The abrasive sand will keep your tools sharp and the oil keeps them lubricated so they don't get any dirt or rust build up. Get the step-by-step instructions here.

    5. Use coffee grounds to keep pests far away from your precious plants.

    6. Make your own ~environmentally friendly~ soap oil spray.

    One Good Thing By Jillee / Via

    It's just as effective as the store bought versions, waaay cheaper, and won't be dangerous to your family! Find out how to make your own here.

    7. Make an herb garden out of that random little wooden box you bought at the flea market.

    Julie Ann / Via

    Mint for all your summer cocktails, basil for pizza, and cilantro for guacamole. It's really the only thing you need in your garden...amiright.

    8. Lay diapers in your pots to keep the soil moist for days.

    Kelly / Via

    No joke. Just make sure you lay them absorbent side up! Read more here.

    9. DIY a bird bath.

    Chris Carey

    Chris Carey

    You only need three things: a plant stand, a water tray from a large planter, and a fern. Check out the tutorial here.

    10. Use an old milk jug as a makeshift watering can.

    11. Use your old boots to make a unique mounted garden.

    Cortnee / Via

    Find the step-by-step tutorial here.

    12. Organize unplanted seeds in the sleeves of an old photo album.

    13. Instead of throwing away eggshells, put them in your garden!

    Cortnee / Via

    Read more here.

    14. Give your planter pots an easy makeover with tape and some paint.

    Melissa DiRenzo

    Melissa DiRenzo

    There's no need to buy new ones when you have this easy how-to.

    15. Use half a lemon rind to start a seedling.

    16. Use an old cardboard drink holder for starting seeds.

    17. Grow green onions from fresh ones.

    18. Use leftover wine bottles as garden edging.

    19. Make ties for your tomato plants out of an old t-shirt.

    20. Turn your rake into a measuring tape.

    21. Pop herbs in the freezer to keep them fresh longer.

    22. Use toilet paper to make seed tape.

    23. Use leftover beer from your party to kill slugs.

    Flickr: SteveR- / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: git

    Hate to kill them...but they will die happy. Here's how. Cheers!