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    23 Awesomely Affordable Accessories That'll Show Spring Who's Boss

    Leap into spring for less than $100.

    Zappos, Amazon, H&M, Asos, Macy's / Via ,

    1. Merde Il Pleut Umbrella, $45, available here in five different colors.

    Raindrops / Via

    If the rain makes you want to curse the skies above, this statement umbrella is French for "Shit, it's raining!"

    2. Tretorn Wings Rain Slicker, $85, available at Urban Outfitters.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    3. Chelsea Leopard Rain Boots, $34.99, available at J. Crew.

    J Crew / Via

    To bring out your inner animal.

    4. Clear Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag, $15.99, available at Amazon.

    Amazon / Via

    5. Umbrella, $38, available at Kate Spade.

    Kate Spade / Via

    If the weather has you wanting to politely ask to reschedule.

    6. Iridescent Double-Breasted Trench Coat, $93.98, available at Nordstrom.

    Nordstrom / Via

    7. Rubber Ankle Boots, $17, available at H&M.

    H&M / Via

    Functional, fashionable, and affordable.

    8. Totes Bubble Umbrella, $26, available at Macy's.

    Macy's / Via

    9. Rains Anorak in Color Block, $78, available at Asos.

    Asos / Via

    This parka will literally block out the elements.

    10. Weston Prep Black/Saddle Boot, $100, available at Däv Footwear.

    Dӓv Footwear / Via

    Lightweight and easy to fold up, these boots are great for traveling.

    11. Senz Smart Umbrella, $36.83, available at Senz.

    Senz / Via

    This umbrella will combat wind gusts up to 75 mph.

    12. Kamik Heidi Boot, $50, available at Zappos.

    Zappos / Via

    There are boots for thin calves.

    13. Dirty Laundry Rodwell Rubber Boot, $39.99, available at Zappos.

    Zappos / Via

    And boots for athletic calves.

    14. Jerrie Rose-Printed Umbrella, $58, available at Style Bop.

    Marc Jacobs / Via

    15. Lightweight Jacket With Hood, $34.99, available at Burlington Coat Factory in plus sizes.

    Burlington Coat Factory / Via

    16. Betsy Bow Detail Wellies, $7.60, available at MissGuided.

    MissGuided US / Via

    Maybe all you want is to put a bow on it.

    17. Totes Solid Stick Umbrella, $14.99, available at Target.

    Target / Via

    18. Wild Honey Rubber Waterproof Rain Sneaker, $70, available at Thom Brown.

    Thom Brown / Chuck Taylor / Via

    A cool tennis shoe–rain boot hybrid.

    19. Heart Umbrella, $29.88, available at Umbrella Heaven.

    Umbrella Heaven / Via

    For a very special spring outing.

    20. Falcon Quilted Rain Boot, $49.97, available at Nordstrom Rack.

    Sperry Top-sider / Via

    21. Wellyprint Rain Boot, $69.95, available at Nordstrom.

    Joules / Via

    22. Cat Blue Walking Stick Umbrella, $39.95, available at

    Calendars / Via

    For when it's raining cats and dogs.

    23. Raise the Bar Umbrella, $17.99, available at Modcloth.

    Mod Cloth / Via

    Remember, we couldn't have rainbows without the rain!