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    21 Signs You Went To High School In The South

    You know where you went to Senior Week...

    1. Cook-Out was where you spent your hard-earned part-time job ca$h.

    2. Or Bojangles'.

    3. School was canceled for simply a *chance* of snow.

    4. And all the milk and bread would immediately be missing from the grocery store shelves.

    5. You passed signs like these en route to school each morning.

    6. You raised hell at ~Senior Week~ in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

    7. You took at *least* 1 million prom photos.

    8. And there was more than one girl in attendance wearing a dress like this.

    9. You took selfies kissing fish you caught yourself.

    10. Lots of kids were in JROTC.

    11. Others ran the pageant circuit.

    12. You went to more bonfires than you can count.

    13. Your friends' kids obviously called you "Auntie" and "Uncle."

    14. The entire town was at your high school's Friday night football games.

    15. At some point or another you had acrylic nails.

    16. Or rocked John Deere apparel.

    17. The school parking lot was full of trucks.

    18. And you definitely rode in one to a tailgate or two at a nearby college.

    19. You had your senior pictures taken in cowgirl boots...obviously.

    20. Or showing off your motor skills.

    21. And y'all wouldn't have it any other way.

    Sarah Stevens / Via BuzzFeed

    Oh Carolina, you keep callin' me home. ❤️

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