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    21 Punny Ways To Say Thank You With Food

    So cheesy their heart will actually melt.

    1. Say someone covers your shift at work.

    2. Or saves you a seat at the movies.

    3. They deserve a thank-you that goes beyond a boring old note.

    4. They deserve the ultimate combo: good food and bad puns.

    5. So tell them with Nutella.

    6. Or their favorite bottle of wine.

    7. Say it with fresh fruit for your freshest friend.

    8. Or a Snickers bar for making you giggle when you most needed it.

    9. Did they help you move to your new place?

    10. Maybe they babysat for you.

    11. Or let you borrow some cash.

    12. Pick up the tab the next time you go to sushi.

    13. And thank them for being your BFF.

    14. Or for being a good host.

    15. Basically...tell them how you really feel.

    16. You can do it casually.

    17. Or sit them down for a home-cooked meal.

    18. Thank them for being the wacky, amazing person that they are.

    19. And keeping you calm...

    20. When you had a bit of a ~situation~ on your hands.

    21. And never forget the veggies.