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U-Haul And AfterEllen Exchange Twitter Banter, Lesbian Worlds Collide

They've probably already moved in together by now.

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Comic Lea Delaria (universally loved for her role as Big Boo on Orange is the New Black) delivered the most painfully accurate punchline ever in the early '90s when she perfectly summed up a classic lesbian mating ritual.

Sophy Holland / Via

"What does a lesbian bring on the second date? A U-Haul."

And it's true. Oh, it's true. WE JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

But really. Experts of lesbian psychology say so! Dr. Lauren Costine is releasing an entire book this year on the U-Haul phenomenon (its hilariously on-point title is Urge to Merge), which she attributes both to the surplus of oxytocin in lesbian relationships and to the rush of self-esteem women get when they fall in love with each other.

Anyway. I'd say we're all pretty familiar with the joke by now. Which makes today's events that much more SHOCKING and HISTORIC.

This afternoon, AfterEllen sent out a pretty classic tweet about post-U-Haul design ideas. Pretty normal.

Nothing to see here. Except the usual lesbian lesbian-ing.
Via Twitter: @afterellen

Nothing to see here. Except the usual lesbian lesbian-ing.


U-Haul LOVED the book case! The industrial, made-of-plumbing, very NOT STRAIGHT book case!



And then, AfterEllen dropped the #truth. It was heavy as hell.

U-Haul gloriously understood the joke.

Finally, AfterEllen acknowledged the conversation's monumental place in lesbian history with a U-Haul pun...

which U-Haul embraced with open, probably tattooed arms.

Twitter lesbians were amused, to say the least.

(Also this person chimed in?)


Basically, U-Haul and the lesbian community are now officially in cahoots and are maybe definitely developing an agenda for world domination. After they move in together.

*cue gasps and cheers*

*cue gasps and cheers*

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