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Best Bachelor Contestants Of Recent History

Farmer Chris's season of The Bachelor is starting shooting on September 23, and we can only hope his girls are as awesome as these ones.

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But the most fun relationship to watch is her friendship with Dog-Lover Kelly and awesome-girl-who's-on-this-list-later Sharleen.

9. Molly Mesnik

When single father Jason was the Bachelor, all the girls went overboard trying to convince him they'd be great moms. But Molly kept it real about being uncertain - and he liked it! Instead they bonded about actually having life stuff in common.

No matter how many times Team Bachelor calls a reunion the most dramatic ever, this one took the cake. After Jason sent Molly home, he broke up with finalist Melissa to get Molly back. Contestants never break out of the traditional Bachelor narrative like this.

8. Ashley Spivey

On the show, Ashley didn't leave a big legacy. Her most memorable moment was when she went on a two-on-one with her best friend, future Bachelorette Ashley H. Which just goes to show how much The Bachelor can edit the personality out of a contestant.

She stopped writing them unfortunately, even though she'll still tweet about the show from time to time. Ugh, Ashley, we miss your recaps. Bring them back. They were the best. (Even if ABC stopped paying you. Terrible decision on their part.)

Clare garnered a lot of boring controversy when she supposedly had sex in the ocean with undeserving Bachelor Juan Pablo. If she had, she'd be even more awesome. Get it, girl. Since she didn't, we'll settle for her just being hilarious.

5. Jillian Harris

The Canuck charmed all of us on Jason's season with her hot dog theory. She was silly and fun and she wore great boots. She was sincere and snark-free, but never annoying. Basically a living romcom heroine.

Jillian is still killing it at life, posting pictures of her adorable dog and her adorable clothes on her adorable Instagram.

But Michelle Money is clearly the best. She's got great personal style, she's funny and loyal, and she did all those girls' hair, no matter how mean they were. Because she is a professional hairstylist, dammit!

And the producers knew it. So they brought her back for Bachelor Pad AND Bachelor in Paradise, where she won our hearts by playing the Greek chorus (aka hilariously narrating everything in her ITMs.) She made Graham Bunn, her Bachelor Pad date, into her real life best friend, which is a thing only cool girls can pull off. And she finally fell for Cody Sattler on Bachelor in Paradise. It was the best.

2. Emily Maynard

Emily was like your favorite Barbie doll - she was insanely pretty and she had the best hair, but she also had a detailed backstory and all the boys liked her. After her fiancé was tragically killed in a plane crash, Emily was left a single mother of an adorable daughter. FEELINGS.

1. Sharleen Joynt

Sharleen was the most awkward Bachelor contestant ever, because being on that show would be the most awkward experience of anybody's life. Sharleen may have been the only contestant to so actively call that out.

Sharleen is the girl who makes fun of The Bachelor on the couch in her sweatpants with a glass of wine...and then actually goes on The Bachelor. She's amazing. She is us. We are her. Let's all go get a classy opera drink together, Sharleen.

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