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8 Most Frustrating Types Of Fantasy Football Players

Don't forget to set your line-up, because these are the inner monologues of the people you're playing this week.

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1. The Over-Reactor

A.J. Green has a toe injury? He might be out for two whole weeks?? BETTER DROP HIM FOREVER.

2. The Hometown Super-Fan

PATRIOTS ARE MY TEAM, MAN. Better draft Gronkowski. And Brady, of course. I actually think LaFell might have some good upside. Heck, I want their whole offensive line. Is their defense still available?

3. The Know-It-All

Yeah, I know I'm playing you this week, but you realize Carson Palmer's out? Wait, Ben Tate's still on your bench? There's someone you might want to pick up - NO. You're my opponent. But...nobody's picked up Wes Welker? You don't think he'd - NO. NO. I'M STOPPING.

4. The Guy with the Spreadsheet

I spent all year customizing this mofo. It's got columns for EVERYTHING. I've got statistics imported from three different analysts. It's got three sheets in case we switch to ESPN or Yahoo. It's projected sleepers for the next three years. I got columns on top of my columns, son! I'm projected to slaughter you. And if I don't come out on top I will do something drastic.

5. The Girl with the Perfect Team

I got ranked number one for my draft. My team is beautiful. Why would I want to drop anyone? MY TEAM IS PERFECT. DON'T TOUCH IT. I'm not even going to check injuries. I don't want to be tempted.

6. The Significant Other

I mean, I don't really watch football, but my SO signed me up for this so I could get to know his friends. So, what's the difference between a WR and a RB?

7. The Moral Compass

I can't believe I ever trusted Arian Foster. Never again. You all know I've refused to draft Roethlesberger or Vick or any of the Bengals for years. I'm watching more interviews to make sure I really trust my players next time.

8. The Auto-Drafter

Oh, are we playing this week? Sorry, I just have a lot going on - just got that promotion, my girlfriend and I were on vacation in Hawaii. Did I miss the draft? Oh, I won last year? That's so weird!

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