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    34 Perfect David Bowie GIFs For Every Occasion

    Sometimes we all need David Bowie to visually demonstrate our feelings.

    1. When you enter a party.

    2. When you can't believe what that dude just said.


    3. When the grocery store is out of the ice cream you wanted.


    4. When you're plotting an elaborate prank.

    5. When you're feeling a complicated attraction to someone.


    I.e. A friend's ex, Gordon Ramsay.

    6. When you get bangs and immediately regret it.

    7. When you hear about the tampon scene in 50 Shades of Grey.


    8. When you see a witch.



    9. When somebody at the table gets fries and you want some.

    10. When you're very proud of yourself for not going home with someone.


    11. When you get a gross message on OKCupid.

    12. When you're SO EXCITED you can't contain yourself.

    13. When you get in an argument with your parents and revert to acting like a teenager.


    I can make my own decisions, MOM.

    14. When you're having a bad day and someone makes you feel better.

    15. When a friend needs some encouragement.


    16. When you know you're looking good and you'd like to invite someone to flirt.


    17. When you're mediating an argument.

    18. When you're so excited that it scares you a little.

    19. When you're feeling morbid.

    20. When you're waiting for a text from an attractive person.

    21. When you can't believe that idiot just said that to you.

    22. When your OTP finally makes out.


    23. When a cute dude or lady is looking at you.

    24. When you realize you forgot to call your mom back.

    25. When you encounter haters.


    26. When your ex posts pictures of their new significant other.


    27. When someone sees your Netflix browsing history.

    28. When your friend is creeping on you.


    29. When you're the only one in the office.


    30. When it's time to quickly exit a party.

    31. When you read the comments.

    32. When you throw up a little in your mouth.


    33. When there's a Spanish quiz that you forgot about.

    34. When you're happy with your choices, thanks.

    That's it. Those are all the occasions.

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