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    29 Essential Pictures Of ABBA For When You're Having A Bad Day

    Oh no, you had a bad day! ABBA believes in you.

    1. We're here if you want to talk about it.

    2. You're pulling that outfit off.

    3. You should pursue your dreams.

    4. Your hair looks great today.

    5. Follow your instincts. They will almost always lead you to the right place.

    6. You deserve to be happy.

    7. Anybody who doesn't appreciate you for who you are doesn't deserve a place in your life.

    8. Today may suck, but we bet tomorrow will be better.

    9. You're doing your best.

    10. You are loved.

    11. Even if things didn't work out, it's good that you took a risk.

    12. Everybody cries in the bathroom at work sometimes.

    13. He doesn't get to talk to you like that.

    14. Your real friends love you, no matter what.

    15. Dance it out.

    16. You deserve a candy bar.

    17. You'll feel better tomorrow.

    18. Ignore them. We think you're hilarious.

    19. Try taking a walk.

    20. Or treating yourself to a cup of tea.

    21. You did the right thing.

    22. You look great.

    23. Keep going!

    24. We want to see you succeed.

    25. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective.

    26. Let's go see a movie and talk some shit.

    27. If you need to take some time to yourself, that's okay.

    28. You make people happy.

    29. We really like you!

    And Meryl likes you too.