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27 Dogs Who Really Want A Piece Of Cake

There's delicious cake around, and these dogs want a piece.

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2. "I know that's a cake of my face. I'm still going to eat it."

4. "Great job on this cake! Let's eat it! Let's eat it now! Please?"

5. "Finally. My has arrived."

6. "I can taste it already..."

7. "I see it. Why not share a piece?"

8. "It's almost too pretty to eat...almost."

9. "Let us finish this singing and hats ritual to get to the cake."

10. "You called this a cake, but this is meat. Where's the cake?"

11. "I'm nervous! What if I can't eat the whole thing?"

12. "I will have all of your cakes, please!"

13. "What a pretty cake! You're sharing, right?"

14. "I'm saying cheese, but I'm really counting down to eat this."

16. "I am in literal heaven with this cake."

17. "You don't expect us to split that, do you?"

18. "I can almost reach it..."

19. "I'm in a great place with all this cake."

20. "Share, please? Please?"

22. "I'm the luckiest dog in the world!"

23. "Sure, I'll listen to Katy Perry for cake."

24. "Yes. I will eat this."

25. "So close...yet so far"

26. "Yes, this is my cake. I'm so proud."

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