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17 Pieces Of Amazing "Frozen" Nail Art

If you're not interested in a sexy Frozen Halloween costume, maybe these nail art options will be more up your alley.

1. Anna's Dress Nails

2. "For the First Time in Forever" Nails

3. Anna Multi-Colored Nails

Sure, this seems do-able.

4. Elsa nails with Anna accent

5. Elsa Silhouette Nails

6. Elsa's Face Nails

7. Icy Blue Nails


8. Crystallized Ice Nails

9. "Let It Go" Nails

"Wow, my hands look amazing!"

10. Anime Elsa Nails

11. Olaf Accent Nails

12. All-Olaf Nails

13. "Oh, I love it. It's so cute." Olaf Nails

14. Subtle Snowflake Nails

15. Elsa-inspired False Nails

16. Anna-inspired False Nails

17. Everybody Get In Here

Intimidatingly lovely.

Anybody ready to give these a shot?