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17 Pieces Of Amazing "Frozen" Nail Art

If you're not interested in a sexy Frozen Halloween costume, maybe these nail art options will be more up your alley.

1. Anna's Dress Nails

Influenced by the Scandinavian designs of Anna's dress, these adorable nails are detailed but doable.

Level of difficulty: Finding winter wear in summer.

2. "For the First Time in Forever" Nails

Maybe Anna's springier dress is more up your alley.

Level of difficulty: Getting your anti-social sister to let you finally throw a party in your freaking gigantic castle.

3. Anna Multi-Colored Nails

Pick up on all the colors in Anna's dress.

Level of difficulty: Figuring out whether your first boyfriend is a sociopath trying to take over your country.

Sure, this seems do-able.

4. Elsa nails with Anna accent

Combines the best of both sisters.

Level of difficulty: Getting into an ice palace.

5. Elsa Silhouette Nails

Keep your colors minimal but your design complex.

Level of difficulty: Coping with the fact that you have the ability to give life to inanimate objects. Are you a god??

6. Elsa's Face Nails

If you are ready to seriously challenge yourself.

Level of difficulty: Growing up trapped in a room by your misguided parents without developing any serious mental issues.

7. Icy Blue Nails

Great for pretending you can shoot ice out of your hands.

Level of difficulty: Pronouncing Idina Menzel. (Really. I think you got this.)


8. Crystallized Ice Nails

Subtle enough that your nails won't distract from an actual gown.

Level of difficulty: Throwing a snowball at your sister's boyfriend.

9. "Let It Go" Nails

All you need is a steady hand and you have a life philosophy on your nails.

Level of difficulty: Hitting all the high notes in "Let It Go."

"Wow, my hands look amazing!"

10. Anime Elsa Nails

Stupid pretty.

Level of difficulty: Getting your fishtail side-braid to emulate Elsa's without falling out immediately

11. Olaf Accent Nails

Add a little comic relief to your nails.

Level of difficulty: Not melting.

12. All-Olaf Nails


Level of difficulty: Dating a man who talks to a moose.

13. "Oh, I love it. It's so cute." Olaf Nails

Poor little dude, lost his head.

Level of difficulty: Stomping through the snow when you're made of snow.

14. Subtle Snowflake Nails

For when you don't want to go total fangirl.

Level of difficulty: Getting to work when your queen accidentally plunged your country into seemingly eternal winter.

15. Elsa-inspired False Nails

These cute nails are false and you can buy them. So -

Level of difficulty: Hanging out in the sauna.

16. Anna-inspired False Nails

Same deal.

Level of difficulty: Sitting by the fire and ignoring the plot going on around you.

17. Everybody Get In Here

Intimidatingly lovely.

Anybody ready to give these a shot?

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