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    Please Do Yourself A Favor And Follow Kenny G On Twitter

    Take a minute to think about your life choices.

    You of course know Kenny G, the ringlet king of all things saxy.

    If you don't know Kenny G (literal blasphemy, btw) he is the man responsible for the sensual sax music you sometimes hear at the dentist's office.

    He's also been nominated for more Grammys than you have teeth in your head:

    Don't fact check that.

    But we're not here to talk about the G man's saxy conquests. We're here to talk about his 🔥tweets🔥.

    My hands are for one thing only: playing sax

    His incredible, amazing, fantastic tweets:

    My vintage De Havilland Beaver Float Plane!! I am the master of air, land, and sea!!

    Here he is, stroking some frozen shellfish!

    At pike place market in my home town. I love seattle !!!

    Here he is, serenading the candy bowl on Halloween!

    How I pass the time while I wait to give out candy. #HappyHalloween everyone!

    Here he is, at Kobe's last game! ✌️

    He's got the most interesting life!

    If you follow him you'll never forget which day is Friday.

    And you'll always know when he's practicing those jazzy, soothing sax riffs.

    Don't mind me, just practicing!

    Because you know what they say!