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    19 Signs You Take French Fries Very Seriously

    Do you think this is a game?

    1. With that first bite of a french fry, you are overcome with emotion.

    2. You are in awe of their salty perfection. How can such a heavenly food exist on earth?

    3. You admire their golden splendor from every angle before devouring them.

    4. If you have leftover fries (doubtful), you count each one so you'll know if anyone takes one.

    5. You endure physical pain to make them at home.

    6. Nothing can slow you down once you start eating them.

    7. You strongly believe there's never a wrong time to grab some fries.

    8. Small fries? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ha.

    9. For you, there is only one size of fries.

    10. And there's only one way to eat them.

    11. And you don't care how silly you may look, because appearances aren't important when fries are present.

    12. You own this shirt.

    13. You deal with adversary in the following manner:

    14. Your priorities are in order.

    15. You would still answer this question with a resounding "YES, DUH."

    16. This is your dream come true.

    17. You're optimistic that one day fry-scientists will make this the standard.

    18. You have seriously considered building a house out of fries, but you'll probably just end up eating it.

    19. You are Jennifer Lawrence.