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29 Signs You Are Homer Simpson


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1. You say this to yourself every morning:

2. This is how you feel at work most days:

3. Your idea of staying in shape looks something like this:

4. Remember that one time you tried "getting in touch with nature"? This is what you looked like:

5. Because your idea of fun is different than most people's.

6. You enjoy relaxing.

7. Because you're perfectly happy keeping yourself entertained.

8. This is your best piece of relationship advice:

9. Because frankly you don't particularly care for relationships you're not in.

10. This is your idea of love:

11. Because this is how you and your significant other argue:

12. And this is how you make up:

13. You know you're not perfect.

14. You often feel misunderstood.

15. But you know your limits.

16. You haven't changed much since high school.

17. In fact, you hate seeing people from high school.

18. Because sometimes people get the wrong impression of you.

19. But you're working on getting your priorities in order.

20. You sometimes need to subtly remind people of your worth.

21. You're responsible.

22. You're direct.

23. You're never too quick to judge.

24. You're realistic, and your friends appreciate that about you.

25. You still know how to have a good time...

26. ...In bed.

27. At the end of the day, you know you're better off than most.

28. So dare to dream!

29. Because the world is yours for the taking! That is, if you're not too lazy to take it.