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    28 Reasons You Wish Kitty Forman Was Your Mom

    That '70s Show would have been lost without her.

    1. She has realistic expectations for her children.

    2. She knows how to make a joke.

    3. And she'll tell it how it is.

    4. She is cheery and fun to be around.

    5. But she is also as real as it gets.


    6. She gives great advice.

    7. She makes mistakes...she's only human!

    8. She's deep.

    9. She's protective, as a mother should be!

    Also strangely intimidating.

    10. She's not afraid to push people's buttons.

    11. She's sensitive.

    12. She's always concerned.

    And she's got so many pamphlets!

    13. Yet adorably naïve.

    14. She's empathetic.

    15. She knows a doofus when she sees one.

    16. She knows there's nothing better than a homemade gift.

    17. She's got a look that can stop you in your tracks.

    18. She's got the best laugh on earth.

    And she cracks herself up!

    19. She's calm during emergencies.

    What Would Kitty Do?

    20. If you're having a bad day she'll baby you.

    21. She's got the best burns.

    22. She is wise. Like a sage.

    23. She's a nurse, so she really will take the best care of you.

    24. She's only human.

    25. She's also great at boosting confidence.

    26. She understands sometimes you just need a little break from reality.

    27. She keeps it together for the sake of her family.

    28. She's always down for a good time.