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    18 Parents Who Are Way Funnier Than Their Kids

    Where do you think their kids get it from?

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    1. The parents who tried to re-enact their kids' vacation pics:

    2. The mom who scared her daughter away from social media:

    3. The mom who face-swapped with her own neck:

    4. The parent who found a good use for Snapchat:

    5. The dad who just learned about hashtags:

    6. The parents who told their kids if they didn't take a bath they'd turn into a mushroom, like their last kid:

    7. The parents who won every ugly sweater contest:

    8. The dad who knew the best use of this toy:

    9. The parents who made it clear who wasn't their favorite:

    10. The mom who figured out how to get her kid to eat healthy:

    11. The dad who said, "As I get older, I find it easier to lift my legs up than bend at the waist to get a drink of water" and posted this pic to his Facebook:

    12. The dad who saw his daughter's Instagram and decided to one-up her:

    13. The parents who entered this pumpkin into the carving contest AND WON:

    14. The dad who texted this pic of the family dog with no explanation:

    15. The parents who pranked their son for his birthday:

    16. The dad who told his son to look for the $10 he asked to borrow in the top left drawer:

    17. The parents who replaced their adult son's photos with the new favorite:

    18. And the parents who delivered when their daughter asked for a "six-foot teddy bear":

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