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19 Things That Are Not Dogs

Not everything is a dog, OK?

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1. This is not a dog. This is a tangle of coat hangers someone left on the couch.

2. This is a North American harbor seal.

3. This is an oil painting of one of Sir Arthur's knights, Stewart the Pure.

4. This is clearly a miniature pony who's escaped from the circus.

5. This is an adult man walking to the store to pick up Lactaid pills so he can enjoy his wife's homemade rice pudding.

6. This is a common ground squirrel that someone caught in a cage so they can release it back into the wild.

7. This is a wild African giraffe in heat.

8. This is Trent, that kid you used to be friends with in elementary school who got into weird music and cutting off the bottoms of his jeans.

9. This is a creature from the deep.

10. This is an English breakfast called hens-in-the-barnyard-when-your-father's-not-at-home.

11. This is my mother, Joanne.

12. This is famous Italian sculpture artist Leonardo Tortellini.

13. This is a surrealist painting.

14. This is a spicy sausage.

15. This is television's David Hasselhoff.

16. This is a scientific reconstruction of a yeti's sex organ.

17. This is a freshly made loaf of bread.

18. This is quite obviously an earthworm.

19. And this is a bucket of fried chicken that someone carelessly dropped on the ground.

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