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19 Photos Of Kids That Are Never Not Funny

They're all miniature heroes.

1. This kid and her weird science experiment:

2. This kid whose mom told him to "wear a tie":

3. This kid who was curious about the cat's carrier:

4. This kid who doesn't like to be cold when he goes to the bathroom:

5. This kid who insisted on wearing her banana costume to the zoo:

6. These kids who are living their best lives:

7. This kid who really loves cake:

8. This kid who mastered multitasking at a young age:

9. This kid and his accidental magic trick:

10. This kid who knows how to take a memorable photo:

11. This kid who enjoys watching TV like this:

12. This kid whose mom mixed up picture day and pajama day:

13. This kid who spends his time wisely:

14. This kid who got a little too excited about chicken tenders:

15. This kid who is inventing new games on the playground:

16. This kid who is working smarter, not harder:

17. This kid who won't be a part of your system:

18. This kid who appreciates her down time:

19. And this kid who only leaves the house dressed to impress: