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    18 Reasons Spotify Ads Are Worse Than Dying A Horrifying, Painful Death

    I get that the company needs to make money, but I need my sanity.

    1. When you want to pick a new song but Spotify makes you listen to an ad first:

    2. When you have one song left on an album and Spotify hits you with three ads in a row:

    3. When you try to skip a song you hate and Spotify plays an ad instead:

    4. When someone's like, "You know you can upgrade to Spotify Premium and never hear another ad, right?"

    MTV Viacom

    5. When the idea of paying to not hear ads sends you into a anti-capitalism-fueled rage spiral:


    6. When Spotify gets you when you're most vulnerable:

    7. When you're listening to some calming classical music and an ad abruptly starts screaming in your year:

    8. When you hear the "SO I UH..." ad on Spotify, WHICH IS SPECIFICALLY THE WORST ONE THEY EVER MADE.

    9. When you listen to a string of ads, get through one song, and then get slammed with another ad:

    10. When you realize most Spotify ads are advertising an ad-free version of Spotify:

    11. When you're listening to a two-part song and the ad ruins the continuity:

    Twitter: @inkyubus13 / Via Walt Disney Pictures / Jim Henson Productions

    12. When a song starts playing and you're like "Oh, wow, I forgot about this song" and then PSYCH! It's just the lead in to an ad:

    13. When you mute an ad but then you forget to unmute it and you miss four songs:

    Thomas Coex / AFP / Getty Images

    14. When Spotify claims you're offline but has no problem playing ads:

    15. When Spotify ads are recommending music you would never listen to in a million years:

    Twitter: @anustarters / Via Universal Pictures

    16. When Spotify used to PAUSE ADS when you exercised your free-born right to mute them:

    Columbia Pictures

    17. When Spotify asks you to voluntarily watch an ad so you can have 30 minutes of ad-free music and then, once it's over, hits you with an ad:

    18. Basically when Spotify plays ads of any kind at any time: