21 Things That Will Make Sense To Writers

    "How's the book going?"

    1. When your story has a strong beginning and end but no middle:

    2. When you think about the characters you've created:

    3. When people ask you how the writing is going:

    4. When you're revising:

    5. When language drives you crazy:

    Therapist: what's upsetting you? Wife: he's always using common phrases incorrectly Me: cry me a table, Linda

    6. When you reread:

    7. When the entire process is too overwhelming:

    8. When you're researching:

    9. When you haven't had time to socialize in months:

    10. When you just want to be valued:

    A barista spends 3 minutes making you a $5 coffee, you tip them. A writer spends a year writing a book, you complain that $4.99 is too high.

    (But what book is $5 these days???)

    11. When you hate yourself:

    12. When you can feel yourself procrastinating but you can't physically stop:

    13. When you finally buckle down and get to work:

    14. When you inevitably hit a wall:

    15. When you cringe at your old writing:

    16. When your brain starts to eek out of your ears:

    17. When people ask what your book is about:

    18. When inspiration comes at the worst times:

    19. When there aren't enough stimulants in the world:

    20. When you decide those 30,000 words you wrote don't fit the plot:

    21. And when you realize that maybe what you're writing isn't total crap after all: