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23 Dogs That Are Too Big To Be Dogs, I Checked

The bigger the BETTER.

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1. This isn't a dog it's a chocolate-flavored bear:

2. This animal is part elephant:

3. I'm pretty sure this one is just two kids in a costume:

4. This dog plays in the NBA. He dunked on LeBron:

5. This is a valiant steed:

6. And this is a FURRY MONSTER:

7. This is a human person who would like a drink, please:

8. This is a mattress:

9. I'm pretty sure this is a horse. But, like, an indoor horse:

10. This is my son, Michael. He's getting so tall:

11. This is a short-necked giraffe:

12. This is two dogs sewed together:

13. This is a float at the Macy's Day Parade:

14. This isn't real:

15. This is a furry truck parked in a field, I'm pretty sure:

16. This is a gargoyle on top of a historic church (they're bigger than you think):

17. This is a mountain with a tongue:

18. This is a building on a sofa:

19. This is a hairy dragon:

20. This dog has his own gravitational pull:

21. You may have thought this was a dog but it's actually that guy's twin brother, Sven:

22. OK fine, this one's a dog. BUT HE'S HUGE RIGHT?

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