Arthur Doesn't Get How Ears Work Apparently

    Bro are you OK

    It has recently come to the internet's attention that Arthur from the TV show Arthur based on the Arthur book series (HIS NAME IS ARTHUR, IF YOU DIDN'T GET THAT) doesn't know where his own ears are:

    (And you know it's big news 'cuz the parody accounts went wild with it):

    It seems the entire Read family thinks they can hear sound through their skulls:

    Even Arthur's best friend Buster can't figure it out:

    And here's local bully Binky (Is he a dog? I still don't know) coming so close and yet so far:

    I know what you're thinking: The animators made a stylistic choice! They drew them this way to stay consistent with how real human beings wear headphones!

    Then how do you explain THIS:

    I guess the Brain really is the smartest kid in Elwood City.