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13 Foods You Absolutely Have To Eat Two At A Time


1. Tacos

Miflippo / Getty Images

No one in the history of mankind has ever eaten a single taco. It's a rule of nature: birds fly, fish swim, humans eat two tacos.

2. Hot Dogs

Mikeygen73 / Getty Images

Yeah, you can try eating just one. But then the first one would get lonely in your tum-tum.

3. Waffles

Viennetta / Getty Images

Who's ever heard of ONE waffle? It's ridiculous! Like a dog walking on two legs.

4. Pizza

Olgna / Getty Images

A guy from my high school ate one slice of pizza once and now he's in jail.

5. Cheese Sticks

Erin Chack / BuzzFeed

Ya gotta. Ya just gotta.

6. Enchiladas

Joegough / Getty Images

Picture it in your mind's eye: a single enchilada. The only thing sadder is watching an elderly man eat alone in a diner.

7. Peanut Butter Cups

Icemanj / Getty Images

If you try to eat just one your body involuntarily throws up the first one. It's science.

8. Clementines

Mustafagull / Getty Images

Why do you think the bags contain EVEN NUMBERS?

9. Empanadas

Elnavegante / Getty Images

Here's a list of things that are more possible than eating a single empanada:

# Pigs flying

- End of list -

10. Eggs

Vvoevale / Getty Images

Because how else would you make a bacon-and-egg smiley face?

11. Plums

Andregric / Getty Images

Like, if they're on the small side.

12. Breakfast sausages

Vikif / Getty Images

It's borderline pornographic to only have one sausage on your plate. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

13. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kacoates / Getty Images

Just try eating one cookie. See how that works out for you.