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31 Dog Reactions For Everyday Situations

Dogs. They're just like us.

1. When your roommate asks how you're enjoying the gluten-free vegan lasagna she spent two hours preparing:

2. When someone bends over on the subway and you see a very unwanted butt crack:

3. When you wake up early to go to the gym and hate every second of it:

4. When you can tell your friend is embellishing a story and you're not sure if you should call him out:

5. When you're alone in your room and you execute a perfect fart:

6. When you get out of work early at the start of a three-day weekend:

7. When your friend says she's sorry she didn't respond sooner but she "didn't see your text":

8. When you show up for a first date and the person is waaay taller than they seemed online:

9. When someone asks you if you want the rest of their fries:

10. When your best friend shows up to your apartment with a six-pack and some hot gossip:

11. When your friends catch you out with your significant other after you said you'd be hanging at home that night:

12. When your bae models new underwear for you:

13. When your friend says there's no time for froyo before the concert:

14. When you run into the person whose bed you puked on at a house party last Halloween:

15. When your friend unveils the bridesmaids dresses she picked out and — surprise! — they're hideous:

16. When someone shows up to a party wearing the same shirt as you:

17. When your mom comments on every one of your Facebook photos, "Love You xoxoxo Mom":

18. When your friend asks if she should drunk-text her ex-boyfriend.

19. When you see two people making out in public and you want to yell, "Get a room!" but you know that's just as corny as their PDA:

20. When you tell a bad joke to diffuse the awkward tension with your boss:

21. When you see that person you secretly hate and their underwear is tucked into their shirt:

22. When the guy at Chipotle asks you if you want guacamole and you're like, "Duh":

23. When you see an Instagram pic of all your friends hanging out without you:

24. When you daydream about how good it's going to feel to take your pants off the second you walk through your door after working a full day:

25. When you're trying to check out a hottie at the bar without making it too obvious:

26. When your mom leaves you a voicemail at a weird time and your mind jumps to the worst possible scenario:

27. When you're sitting in your apartment and you hear the ice cream truck drive by:

28. When your significant other asks if you want to stay home, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream right out of the container instead of going out:

29. When your favorite song comes on the radio right when you get in the car:

30. When your friend tells a racy joke that's actually pretty funny:

31. And whenever you hear the words "open bar":