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9 Photos Of Animals Udders That Don't Belong To Cows

Click this post if you want to see a whole lotta udders.

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But did you know a lot of (female) four legged mammals have udders? NOW YOU DO! And I'm gonna save you some Googlin'.


Aaand I'm out of udders to show you. If you know of any cool udders add them in the comments!

BONUS: Here are some strangely human-looking elephant breasts (that are not technically udders because of their placement between the forelegs!):

1001slide / Getty Images

PS — I'm sorry for the headline of the post I linked to. It was the post with the best photos of elephants breasts that I could find. I don't believe women are required to wear bras. I especially don't believe elephant women are required to wear bras. I'm not wearing a bra right now! Take that, Daily Male (lol).