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11 Cats Who Don't Give A Fuck You're Hungover

If you wanted compassion you shoulda got a dog or something.

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1. "Oh, you drank too much? Sounds like a 'you' problem."

2. "Were you drinking this? Hope you like the taste of kitty litter, bitch."

3. "The second I'm sure you're asleep I'm sticking my poo-covered paws right in your mouth."

4. "Ohhh, pizza is for eating? Well, now it's for sleeping. Bye."

5. "Can you hurry up? It's five minutes past my dinner time."

6. "My spot. Mine."

7. "Enjoy those beer shits because you're not going anywhere anytime soon."

8. "Oh, is that your head? It was so soft I figured it was a pillow."

9. "This show is so good, too bad you can't see it."

10. "Is light good or bad for a headache? I can't remember."

11. "I hate you."

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