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    Updated on Nov 26, 2019. Posted on Apr 26, 2017

    32 Cats Who Totally Outdid Themselves

    Cats, please calm down.

    1. This cat who wouldn't sit for a simple photo:

    2. This cat who's never heard of Jesus:

    3. This cat who isn't really into physical affection:

    4. These cats who are just living their cat lives:

    5. This cat who hit the 'nip a little too hard:

    6. This cat who just wants to help:

    7. This cat who may be overreacting:

    8. This cat who could have just asked for a bite:

    9. This cat who can't lie on the ground without looking like art:

    10. This cat who turned flour into stage makeup:

    11. This cat who knows how to make an entrance:

    12. These cats who look like actual human people:

    13. This cat who just learned about water:

    14. This cat who is psyched for lunch:

    15. This cat who knows exactly what she wants:

    16. This cat who does NOT care for plums:

    17. This cat who may or may not be warming his paws:

    18. This cat who is also a criminal:

    19. These cats who unintentionally formed a gorgeous tableau:

    20. These VERY BAD CATS:

    21. This cat who definitely set the house on fire:

    22. This cat who got twisted into a sticky situation:

    23. This cat whose shame is palpable:

    24. This cat who is an IDGAF queen:

    25. This cat who invented photobombing:

    26. This cat who is having an existential crisis:

    27. This cat who is two-timing and doesn't care who knows it:

    28. This cat who doesn't love her new hat:

    29. This cat who is a total klutz:

    30. This cat who's seen some shit:

    31. This cat who needs a little help, please!

    32. And this cat who sits where he pleases, because he's a cat after all:

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