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    19 Cats With Puppy Dog Eyes

    OK you can have my wallet.

    1. Oh my god!!!

    2. So cute!!!

    3. You can have all the money in my bank account!!!

    4. I'm sorry!!!

    5. I love you!!!

    6. You're right!!!

    7. I'm wrong!!!

    8. Gajghakwjvnawkjehgkjh!!!

    9. You can sleep in my bed!!!

    10. You can borrow my car!!!

    11. TAKE MY WIFE!!!

    12. I can't!!!

    13. It's too cute!!!

    14. Don't LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!!!

    15. You win!!!

    16. Whatever you want, it's yours!!!

    17. *gurgling noises*

    18. ....

    19. I am dead.

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