31 Cat Reactions For Everyday Situations

Cats are people too.

1. When you accidentally send a text to the person you were talking smack about:

2. When someone asks you “Did you lose weight?” like it’s some kind of compliment:

3. When you’re home alone but you hear a creaking noise in another room:

4. When your roommate makes too much food for dinner and asks if you want the rest:

5. When you can’t execute a pose in yoga class and you just sit there hoping no one else notices:

6. When a new bagel place opens up near your apartment:

7. When your waiter brings out food and you’re trying to tell if it’s for your table:

8. When someone wears Uggs to a wedding:

9. When you open your laptop in a meeting and “Party in the USA” starts playing at full volume:

10. When you hear your roommate yell “Who ate the last Girl Scout cookie?!” two rooms away:

11. When someone uses the word “irregardless” in earnest:

12. When a crying baby on the subway is testing your last nerve:

13. When you run into that kid you had a class with senior year but you can’t remember his name:

14. When someone with a clipboard stops you on the street and asks “Do you care about children?”:

15. When your friend is dating someone new and they’re in that annoying “puppy love” phase:

16. When you get a G-chat from your boss that says “Do you have a sec?”:

17. When you go to a wedding and it’s a cash bar:

instagram.com / Via Makino Naoki

18. When something rings up at the register for cheaper than you thought it would be:

19. When you really want your friend to come to a weird party with you so you don’t have to go alone:

20. When your favorite character gets killed off a show:

21. When you get to work and you can’t remember if you locked your front door:

22. When your significant other gets you a present for your anniversary even after you agreed NO PRESENTS:

23. When you get home from vacation and open the fridge and it smells like something died in there:

24. When you drop your phone and you’re too scared to pick it up and see the damage:

25. When you see a righteous booty from across the room:

26. When you just remembered you forgot to text your friend back…days later:

27. When someone tells you they actually enjoy Justin Bieber’s music:

28. When a parking space opens up RIGHT in front of the store you’re going to:

29. When you’re not even through your front door and you can smell someone’s baking something marvelous:

30. When someone tells you they don’t really like pizza:

31. When you try to take a quick shower before the delivery guy shows up, but you hear the doorbell right when you put shampoo in your hair:

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