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    16 Samoyeds That Will Calm You To Your Very Core

    Breathe in, breathe out. Look at these fluffy dogs.

    1. Look at this amazing dog. Is he made of cloud? It's possible.

    2. Now look at this sweet beast with fur as soft and pure as snow.

    3. Look at this tall, proud column of dog. A+!

    4. Look at this magnificent oversized teddy bear. Can you believe how lucky we are to share the earth with this creature?

    5. Look at this teeny-tiny puff of smoke. Incredible.

    6. Look at this walking canvas. How lucky are we?

    7. Omg. Polar bear dog cubs. Life is sweet.

    8. Look at this gentle angel covered in fur. Do you feel warmer in your heart?

    9. Look at this bunny/kitten/puppy/snowball hybrid. Pure magic.

    10. Look at this dirty marshmallow! How is he real?!

    11. Look at this little lamb of a dog. Can't you hear her smiling?

    12. Wow!!! A sea of fluff! Let the gentle waves lull you to a safe place.

    13. Look at this unbelievable thing.

    14. Look at this warm, soft pillow. Imagine napping with this? Delightful.

    15. Look at this embodiment of all that is good and pure.

    16. And finally, take a deep breath and look at this perfect being. We are so lucky to have dogs.

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