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    • erinaniker

      I find it scary that this ‘article’ has been written up like this, it seems like another form of inciting unnecessary paranoia and fear into an already paranoid society… yes women are prejudice to various forms of everyday sexism which i agree, get’s completely exasperating and is unfair and must be tackled, but by changing what I wear, my appearance, and my behavior through fear in order to ‘avoid’ this, surely that’s just condoning the same sexist behavior this ‘article’ is trying to highlight? I would suggest re-enforcing confidence into women by encouraging them into wearing what you want to wear, behaving in the manner you would irrelevant of the attention ,wanted or unwanted, received from men. You can’t begin to tackle discrimination by changing your appearance and behavior purely in order to avoid being discriminated against.  This article acts as a positive in highlighting these issues and sources of ‘fear’ for a number of women to men. With the behavior of men obviously being the main focus and target for change. But the source of change must also come from women not being afraid by men, by taking control of their own appearances, behavior and decisions and not allowing men to change these very personal life decisions through fear.

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