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    The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 5: Tom Brady Goes Emo

    Also featuring Emo Eli Manning.

    Tom Brady Is Getting Too Old For This

    Tom Brady's Continuing Adventures In Hair Care

    Should've Laid Off The Flubber

    Peyton's Naked Bootleg Is A Great Band Name

    Jerry Jones Has Figured Out This Clapping Thing


    Tony And Dez, Open All Day

    Mrs. Tony Romo Approves


    In Which Chris Johnson Discovers Time Travel

    T.Y. Hilton? Why, Thank You.

    Giving It The Ol' NFL Punter Tackling Effort

    Have Gum, Will Incessantly, Compulsively Chew

    So Long, And Thanks From All The Fish

    Randall Cobb, Functional One-Handed Receiver

    "Hey Cam, Can You Sum Up Your Four-Turnover, No-Touchdown Effort Against Arizona In One GIF?"

    Saints + Marching = You Know The Deal

    Next Time, He'll Think Twice About Flipping Once

    #EliFace, Emo Edition