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The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 5: Tom Brady Goes Emo

Also featuring Emo Eli Manning.

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And this is the symbol of Tony Romo throwing an ultimately game-deciding interception late in a tied game. Denver won, 51-48, and went to 5-0 while the Cowboys were somehow inexplicably left tied atop the NFC East at 2-3. (Ha. Football.)

In Which Chris Johnson Discovers Time Travel

The Chiefs are 5-0 after defeating the Titans on the road, but Chris Johnson refound his 2009 form with this nifty catch-and-run for a 49-yard score. "MORE OF THAT," all of Nashville exclaimed in one country music-twanged voice in unison.


Saints + Marching = You Know The Deal

What a difference a year makes! The Saints are 5-0 and riding high atop the surprisingly dreadful NFC South. (Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa Bay a combined 2-10? Woof.) The Bears were not much of a challenge, and New Orleans playing next week at New England (with the probable return of Rob Gronkowski) looks like a classic in the making.

Next Time, He'll Think Twice About Flipping Once

David Wilson scored a touchdown, did the double backflip, and was soon ruled out of the game with a neck injury. Regardless, this was the highlight of the day for the Giants, who were taken out by the Eagles, and we probably won't see this move Thursday night in Chicago, so just stare it a while and forget your worries for a bit. (Even you, Jaguars fans.)