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    The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 9: Celebrate Good Times

    Also featuring some low blows, touchdown dances, and the most proper way to pick off a pass.

    Pure Joy Of The Week: Mike Glennon Edition

    Our spirit animal. Welcome.

    Your Weekly Reminder That Football Is A Violent And Dangerous Sport

    Especially when you've got goons like Brandon Meriweather in the league. The league has cracked down on his reckless tackling up high, so now he's going for players' knees.

    A Celebration So Awesome, It Defies Logic

    Starting the engine? Air guitar? It doesn't matter what you call this. Nick Hayden still wins.

    Hawaii, Here He Comes

    You think Muhammad Wilkerson wants to go the Pro Bowl in Hawaii? Maybe just a bit.

    Your Joker Mask Of The Week: Jets Edition

    The Agony, The Ecstasy

    We see you, Jared Allen. Oh, we see you.

    Pinball Wizard

    Washington won in overtime against San Diego, but wacky interceptions in the end zone like this didn't help.

    Tap Happy

    Robert Alford didn't have much room in the end zone to make this pick. (It didn't matter.)

    Tastes So Good

    Steve Smith eats your third-and-longs. HE EATS THEM UP.

    Heads-Up Football, Part I

    Antonio Cromartie never takes his eye off the ball. True fact!

    Kansas City Chiefs Undefeated Status: INTACT

    T.J. Graham was a little late on this tackle for Buffalo, and the Chiefs eked out a tough 23-13 win on the road. A bye week and then a battle in Denver for AFC West supremacy. That could be fun.

    Gone Fishin'

    Back-to-back sacks on Tony Romo and Brian Robison was reelin' 'em in.

    RIP, Christian Ponder

    We hardly knew ye.

    Overreactive Penalty Of The Week

    A roughing the passer call for tackling someone in the waist.

    Brotherly Love

    One of the Ryan brothers had to lose. It wasn't this one!

    Adrian Peterson Is Not Of This Planet

    You've got to be kidding me with this.

    Yo, Adrian

    Jamie Squire / Getty

    And The Winner Of "NFL Coach Who Looks Most Like He Just Walked Out Of A Cormac McCarthy Novel" Is ...

    Congrats, Mike Shanahan!

    The Polite Billionaire

    We've seen the worst of Jerry Jones, superfan. This wasn't him. Bring him back!

    Heads-Up Football, Part II

    Never saw it coming. (Heh.)

    Superman Returns

    Streeter Lecka / Getty

    A 34-10 home win over the Falcons, and Carolina and Cam Newton are all smiles.


    Got the job done, but it sure took a while to happen.

    Nothing But Net

    Just like they drew it up. (No, really, this was awesome.)

    Clothes Make The Maniac

    Subtle suited Seahawks fan is suited, subtle.

    Ankles Don't Bend That Way

    Devone Bess, makin' cornerbacks look bad since today.

    Might As Well Jump (Jump!)

    As you do, DeSean.

    A Portrait Of The Wide Receiver As a Young Man

    Toe Close

    Doug Baldwin (six catches, 75 yards, and a TD) putting on a clinic.

    Pump Up The Volume

    Can you hear me now, Seattle? Nope? Didn't think so.

    Let Me See Your GRRRRRRRR Face

    Wesley Hitt / Getty

    Victory is a weird thing sometimes.


    Kami Mattioli



    / Via

    Seventh Seal

    Here are all the quarterbacks in the history of the NFL who've thrown seven TD passes in a game with no interceptions: Y.A. Tittle, Peyton Manning ... and Nick Foles. Pretty cool that nothing makes sense anymore.

    Tom Brady's Poofy Winter Hat: Always On Point

    A tradition unlike any other.

    The Struggle Is Real: Pittsburgh Defense Edition


    Nightmare Fuel Of The Week: Football Head Edition

    Sweet dreams.


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