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The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 9: Celebrate Good Times

Also featuring some low blows, touchdown dances, and the most proper way to pick off a pass.

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Your Weekly Reminder That Football Is A Violent And Dangerous Sport

Especially when you've got goons like Brandon Meriweather in the league. The league has cracked down on his reckless tackling up high, so now he's going for players' knees.

Kansas City Chiefs Undefeated Status: INTACT

T.J. Graham was a little late on this tackle for Buffalo, and the Chiefs eked out a tough 23-13 win on the road. A bye week and then a battle in Denver for AFC West supremacy. That could be fun.


Kami Mattioli



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Seventh Seal

Here are all the quarterbacks in the history of the NFL who've thrown seven TD passes in a game with no interceptions: Y.A. Tittle, Peyton Manning ... and Nick Foles. Pretty cool that nothing makes sense anymore.

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