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The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 12: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Also featuring some extreme eyerolling, a knee-buckling spin-o-rama you won't forget, and DISCO FEVER.

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Visual Evidence That Leonard Johnson Cares Not For His Own Brain Matter

HE DID THIS ON PURPOSE. And he landed on his head, more or less. It's like throwing yourself down a flight of stairs because you're too lazy to walk. Don't do this, NFL players.


A Pick-Six, Frozen In Time

Tim Fuller / USA Today

A lot going on here in this freeze frame of Johnson's aforementioned head-first pick-six. Stafford's slack-jawed reaction in the background. The Lions receiver ducking. Johnson in full extension. Good stuff, football.

Ed Reed: Not As Good As He Once Was

Reed's big Baltimore homecoming with the Jets didn't go well. Not on this play (where he blew the coverage and made the final tackle too late) and not in this game, which ended 19-3 in the Ravens' favor.


Yoink Of The Week: Detroit Edition

No team in the league has more receiver pass drops than Detroit, so it was completely expected that this pass that could've set up a game-winning touchdown became the game-ending red zone pick.


When Coaches Hug

Bruce Arians, the Colts' interim coach last season, and Chuck Pagano, the man he replaced for that period of time, embraced before today's game in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals won easily, but this was the moment people will probably remember.

The Struggle Is Real: Giants Edition

After an 0-6 start to the season, a win would've made the New York Giants 5-6 and in position to actually maybe sorta kinda win the NFC East by year's end. (Of course, that did not happen.)

The Best Sack Dance Of The Season

There have been many to choose from — and yes, the Colts were down by 21 points at the time — but damn, Ricky Jean-Francois. No idea what this is, but it's A+ all the way.