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Mitch McGary, Man Of Many Talents, Muscles Michigan Into The National Championship Game

Syracuse never really had a chance against the son of a steelworker who can do it all.

Michigan's Mitch McGary has become a star in this year's NCAA tournament, thanks to his physical play and domineering presence.

And this block in the opening moments against Syracuse set the tone for the entire game.

McGary running the fast break? SURE, WHY NOT?

McGary did have a lot of help, such as this Spike Albrecht three from another area code.

But passing that makes us think of vintage Magic? You betcha.

There was even this indefensible turnaround jumper, which came late in the second half as Syracuse was playing tough.

By the end of the game, McGary was rallying his team in crunch time.

The final dunk wasn't from McGary, but it was quite the exclamation point on a 61-56 Wolverines win.