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    Enormous Giant Baseball Player Bellyflops Spectacularly

    Prince has fallen. Long live Prince.

    Running of any kind is always an adventure with Prince Fielder. His near-fall into the stands in Game 2 of the ALCS was a memorable moment.

    But baserunning is an especially unpredictable act for Fielder, as we saw that firsthand in the All-Star Game back in July.

    Now, Fielder has been having kind of a rough postseason, but he made it to third base in the top of the sixth...and then the unthinkable (and hilarious) happened, as he was caught in a rundown. It didn't go well for him.


    In slow-motion, it's downright majestic.

    Like a ballet dancer in mid-...something.

    Let's all petition MLB to just have Fielder start every Tigers half-inning on third base. If this happens even once a year, everybody wins.

    We know Dustin Pedroia already approves.