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    Air Force Airman Dunks In Combat Boots, Steals Show At Team USA Hoops Scrimmage

    Some of the best players in the world playing basketball and one dunk, from a non-player, outshone them all.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    It's far from actual, legit, regular-season hoops, but Team USA's Blue-White Scrimmage in Las Vegas last night was just what we needed to get through the summer.

    There was John Wall's put-back slam in Tyler Zeller's mug.

    Damian Lillard's baseline jam was thunderous.

    And ankles are still sore from Kyrie Irving's crossover and drive through the paint.

    Harrison Barnes is a talented basketball player and this dunk is yet more proof of that fact.

    Anthony Davis stealing a pass and going coast to coast for the slam is beyond anything we could've expected. (Sure, it was thanks to the porous defense you see in any scrimmage, but Davis made it look impressive all the same.)


    But the best moment, by far, came from Airman Nathaniel Mills, who destroyed this dunk while wearing full fatigues and boots.

    Simply ridiculous.

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    Here are some more game highlights slowed down and set to a dramatic NFL Films-like score, because why not? Just 95 days to next season.